One quality not always thought about is resiliency, the ability to recover from difficulties. Also known as “toughness”, resiliency matters not only in materials chosen for a part but in the very makeup of the team. The ability to overcome challenges and setbacks, to not let discouragement permeate the atmosphere, cannot be overvalued. Here at Leonidas Rapid Engineered Solutions LLC, we strive to use our resiliency to our clients’ advantage. We have seen what happens in organizations that lack grit and do what is at the time easy and cheap. They put inferior products in the water that are frankly dangerous.

And we have seen teams that keep moving forward, absorbing shot after shot, much like Sylvester Stallone’s character Rocky. We emulate the latter and remind ourselves that the easiest path forward is not always the best path. Let us use our ring savvy and toughness for your projects and you will not be disappointed.