One quality not always thought about is resiliency, the ability to recover from difficulties. Also known as “toughness”, resiliency matters not only in materials chosen for a part but in the very makeup of the team. The ability to overcome challenges and setbacks, to not let discouragement

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Addicted to Additive MFG

So we’re optimists at Leonidas Rapid Engineered Solutions LLC and believe that additive manufacturing is a cornerstone technology for a better world. With on demand, localized 3d printing technology, carbon footprint from manufacturing can be reduced. Additionally, manufacturing on demand reduces the need for warehousing and inventory,

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Additive Manufacturing

Addictive to Additive 2, Engineered Solutions Boogaloo

Last we looked at Ultimaker’s offerings, 316L SS was the only metal filament printable. Either we misunderstood or things have changed but the metallic filament offerings have expanded greatly for the Ultimaker S series of printers…such that we are in the process of cutting a PO for

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