Ultimaker S5 Pro

Large build volume and huge array of materials to choose from!

MakerBot Method X Fiber

 Fully enclosed with an actively heated chamber up to 110C, the MakerBot METHOD X Carbon Fiber is capable of printing with MakerBot PLA, PETG, TOUGH, ABS, PC-ABS, Nylon, Nylon-CF and ASA build materials, as well as PVA and SR-30 support materials.

Solidworks CAD & Simulation Premium

 For over 25 years, SOLIDWORKS® has been the trusted industry standard in design and engineering.

Soft Goods Fabrication

Engineered soft goods fabricated , locally. Choose from a variety of high performance textiles such as Dacron, Gore-Tex, Spectra, and Kevlar.

Subtractive Fabrication

Traditional CNC machined parts in a variety of metals such as Inconel 725, Super Duplex, Nitronic 50, Titanium, and more!

Anisoprint A3

The Composer A3 uses Composite Fiber Co-extrusion (CFC) technology. CFC technology continuously mixes carbon fiber to the plastic filament that it is 3D printing. This allows parts to boast high strength and resistance, all while being lightweight. According to Anisoprint, CFC technology makes the material “20 times stronger than simple plastic, 7 times stronger than plastic compounds, and 4 times lighter than titanium”.

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